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Discover our vegan friendly and cruelty free life style brand where all the products are based on clean and effective formulars, We are having a simple goal – to share the ROZE


In the Nordic countries we believe that we all have different kind of preferences in beauty and hair products these days. But what are actually the most important benefits of a product? ROZE AVENUE has looked into these wishes and created a brand new beauty essential concept. A concept inspired and created by a group of dedicated hair stylist and beauty lovers around the globe. All our products are based on clean and effective formulas, we skip the difficult and craziness. Instead, we make easy-to-use beauty care products that really works. Sustainable beauty, social responsibility and affordable luxury. ROZE AVENUE strive for a world with 100% VEGAN and cruelty free beauty products. It doesn’t contain SLS or parabens. Because we are more than only a pink bottle. Find all you’ll need for the perfect hair care routine with our range of products that will do the hard work, so you don’t have to. You will realize in a second that ROZE AVENUE is made for you. When a woman starts leaving their home, the bag becomes a useful way of carring their possessions. This woman doesn’t need to miss out on her daily beauty essentials. Wherever she travels next, there will always be a favorite ROZE item in her bag.

Vegan Friendly

ROZE AVENUE develops 100% vegan products. We ensure that none of our products contains animal based ingrediens.

Cruelty Free

ROZE AVENUE has strict quality assurance and quality control procedures with our manufacturer to ensure that PINK products are not tested on animals.

Parabene Free

There is a suspicion that parabens have a negative effect on hormone balance. At Roze Avenue, we want to be on the safe side, and have removed parabens from our products.

Sulfate Free

Sulfate is often added to shampoos and soaps as it contributes to the foaming effect. Unfortunately, sulfate is known to dry out the hair and remove its natural oils. That is why we have removed sulfates from our products.

No Microbeads

Microbeads are not easy to degrade. Therefore, it ends up out in the oceans through your drain in the shower. We want to prevent microbeads from ending up in the oceans and harming the environment. Therefore, Roze Avenue products do not contain microbeads.

Anti Fade Colour Safe

Anti Fade Color Safe is a technology in the form that encapsulates your hair colors so that it does not fade. Many of our care products are Anti Fade Color Safe.


Visit the official website for Roze Avenue. Read more about the products and discover the whole sortiment of the pink universe.

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